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Maui Training Camp 2012

I’m fortunate enough to kick off this blog with a post about my training camp adventures in Maui, Hawaii!  It was an incredible experience after a last second decision to take a semester off from University to focus on triathlon.  This opportunity has allowed me to improve my strength and skills on the bike in hopes of making the transition to Olympic distance racing a bit smoother.  As well, if the Mayan calendar is accurate in predicting the end of the world, I wanted to spend 2012 doing something I really enjoy. 

Training with Maui’s beauty as the backdrop was incredible.  Swimming at 7:00am is so much more pleasant when you are outside and the warm sun is rising over the pool.  The cycling was so unique to anything I’ve ever done before.  My favourite ride was the Road to Hana- I would describe it as a roller coaster through a rainforest on the edge of a cliff.  Maui’s cane fields are so much more than just a crop, but also an endless track for running.  Our running shoes are now stained red from those dusty cane field workouts. 

We stayed in this fun surf town called Paia which had a really laid-back atmosphere. It was not unusual for a kid on a skateboard with a surf board in arm to come flying down main street. I loved the sign coming into Paia that read: “do not feed the hippies”.  When we weren’t training, it was fun to explore the town and observe the hippies.

I went into this camp knowing how to stand in line and order a meal from the Residence Cafeteria at the University of Victoria and I’m coming out nearly a full-fledged chef! Alison and Joanna were very patient with my rookie cooking knowledge.  However, on a few occasions my inexperience would become painfully prevalent; such as the time I accidently used white wine vinegar instead of olive oil (in my defense, they were very similar looking bottles).  At these times, I would usually be demoted to salad duty (ripping lettuce). 
Cool outdoor sink at our house

It was awesome to spend six weeks with the girls and coach Patrick; so much so that I think each and everyone deserves an award.  Here are the awards and the corresponding recipient. 


Alison: best barista
Alison would religiously prepare the coffee maker every night with our favourite vanilla macadamia nut coffee.  In the morning, I would find a freshly brewed cup of coffee waiting for me on the counter. 

Kyla: best tweet
I favourited this one

Paula: best Jerry Seinfeld impression
One day before an open water swim Paula did this funny Jerry Seinfeld impression from one of his stand-up comedy skits.  It was about horses wanting their oat bags.

Alex: most talented whale spyer
I’m pretty sure Alex is in fact half whale because she can eagle eye those things like no other. 

Sam: best dougier
Sam taught us how to dougie. Good thing we learned from the best.  Check out our sweet dougie in super Coates twins’ Maui training video.

Patrick: best paddle board surfer
One day we had an afternoon off from training so we rented some paddle boards.  The coach can surf!

Me: most extravagant frozen yogurt
I don’t mean to brag, but my frozen yogurt creations from Yogurtland were amazing.  Layer of pralines and caramel frozen yogurt. Layer of graham cracker crumbs, cookie dough balls, mochi marshmallows. Layer of red velvet cupcake batter frozen yogurt.  More graham cracker crumbs, cookie dough balls plus sprinkles, sugar animal cookies, crushed oreos. Yum.

Joanna: Best rear seat dancer
Everyday we would pile into our favourite white van and usually Joanna and I would sit in the very back row which is perfect for dancing to the radio because no one can see you unless Patrick looks in the rear view mirror.  Joanna can dance better sitting down than most people can standing up.  

I am so appreciative that I got to experience training in such a beautiful setting with such great people. Victoria welcomed us back in typical west coast fashion with some cloudy days which leaves me dreaming of the Maui sunshine.

Up next is the Bazan Bay 5km road race and word on the street is that it is flat which I'm a big fan of. There will be two Pennocks on the start line because the little bro is coming out for the weekend.  His pre-race breakfast is frosted flakes with chocolate milk by the way.

The bro

xoxo ellen

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